TS News - CNNfn Backtracks On Ticker Promise

TELE-satellit News, 7 August 1996

CNNfn Backtracks On Ticker Promise
  ATLANTA, Georgia, USA, 96/08/07 (SHOPTALK) -- Despite its pledge not to,
it looks like cable's CNNfn - all business, all the time- is getting in line
with rival business channels. When the network launched in January, CNN
Executive Vice President and "Moneyline" anchor Lou Dobbs said there'd be no
stock ticker on the bottom on the screen.

  At the time, Dobbs said that the ticker provided information that was too
old for CNNfn viewers, who would be provided with breaking stock news as it
happened. But wait! Last week CNNfn did the unthinkable: it added a stock

  Said a spokesman: "We wanted to respond to what our audience is telling
us." CNBC and Headline News both carry tickers.  (NY Daily News)

  By: Don Fitzpatrick
  Source: Shoptalk, http://www.tvspy.com/ 

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