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TELE-satellit News, 7 August 1996

Transponder News

Rui Gomes da Costa <ct1aic@esoterica.pt> in Portugal advises, "The 'top
secret' IEEE1284 Parallel Cable to connect the Mediasat MPEG2 receiver to a
PC to receive the C: telechargement is only a D 25 male to D25 Male
extension with 1 <-> 1 thru 25 <-> 25 pinout! I had to buy a cable at Paris
(+- 165 FF) to discover that!"

APSTAR A1, 134.0E
- Apstar A1 reached GEO successfully and is now at 134 deg East testing.
(Jean-Philippe Donnio)

- Turksat 1C also reached to Clarke Belt in July and has elected the 31.3 deg
East slot for its tests. This is a 3-beam Ku-band satellite covering Central
Europe, Turkey and the Islamic countries further East. (Jean-Philippe Donnio)

- Arabsat 2A launched on 9 July has reached it's 26 deg E slot safely and is
currently ending its tests. This satellite has a large regional C-band beam
and a very interesting Ku-band coverage for the Arab States. Look for those
footprints in the next TSE! (Jean-Philippe Donnio)

- Monday night I found a testcard "Echo TV" on channel 12.692 Ghz h for a
long time. (Stefan Hagedorn)

ASTRA 1A-F, 19.2E
- The closing of TV1000 on Astra will not been done until 15th of August,
1996. According to information from "Nätservice" the technical division of
Viasat. (Tommy Sitsas)

- The supposition is correct: German's TM 3 will cease service on Hot
Bird-channel 11.347 Ghz h on the end of the month. According to Karl-Heinz
Garandt, the change in the cable-networks by Deutsche Telekom from the bird
EUTELSAT to ASTRA 1 D (start on September 1th, transponder 10.936 Ghz v) is
currently delayed. So TM 3 needs the signal on the position 13 E for the
next weeks and has the programm on 11.638 Ghz h too. (Stefan Hagedorn)

- Sports-channel Sentanta Sport broadcasted Sunday afternoon on 12.606 Ghz v
in videocrypt. (Stefan Hagedorn)

AMOS 1, 4.0W
- Most of the satellite broadcasts by Hungarian uplink stations could be
predicted by satDX-ers by visiting
http://www.datanet.hu/generations/tv/adv.html . If the client is the Duna
Tv, you could also hear the intercom between the outside broadcasting van
and the Duna Tv's broadcating center. (Tamas Nyitrai)

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