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TELE-satellit News, 8 July 1996

Transponder News

KOPERNIKUS - Hungarian Digital Package To Launch
1.0W - Many Problems For Nordic Channels
AMOS - Current Testcard Origin Is Hungary

PALAPA C2, 113.0E
- Palapa C2 has taken over the slot of Palapa C1 launched recently, probably
to be able to provide C- and Ku-band services from this important slot.
(Jean-Philippe Donnio)

INTELSAT 703, 57.0E
- Intelsat 703 arrived at 57 deg E (Jean-Philippe Donnio)

GORIZONT 32, 53.0E
- Gorizont 32 launched in late-May is testing at 53 deg East. This could
mean it will take over the slot of Gorizont 27. (Jean-Philippe Donnio)

GALS 1,2, 36.0E
- Gals 1 & 2 have moved to 36 deg E (previously at 71 deg East)

- Tamas Nyitrai in Hungary reports, "Another piece of Hungarian news is that
channels such as A3, TV3, TOP TV and HBO of Hungary will begin digital
broadcasts on Kopernikus, probably in September. They will form one MPEG-2
packet which is aimed for re-distribution via cable head-ends."

ASTRA 1 A-F, 19.2E
- Dutch tv RTL 5 has remade its teletext-homepage 100. RTL 5 is available
until August31 on transponder 64 in analogue. (Stefan Hagedorn)

- BHT Bosnia-Herzegovia comes now between 9pm to 11:30pm daily on 11.576 Ghz
v. Signal is in PAL, sound alone at the strange subcarrier 7.02 MHz. After a
short break, Satisfaction Club TV (another porn-channel) was starting: the
first minutes in the clear. Few minutes before midnight the free signal is
cease - for more you need a Nokia-line-shuffling-decoder and a abo by SCT.
SCT showed former between midnight to 2 am. for 3 days in the week.

TV SAT 2, 0.6W
- Sportskanalen (workdays 3+/ZTV) on 11.977 Ghz lhc was interrupted - on
channel 12.054 Ghz lhc there was showed a testcard (instead of Telenor
satellite-service). (Wim Binneveld via Stefan Hagedorn))

THOR, 0.8W
- Blackout for all programmes on this satellite (CNN, EuroSport, Childrens
Channel/Discovery and Filmnet 2 - for the frequency see above)! The D2-MAC
channels are continously switched between "soft" decoder-mode (without
smartcard), "hard" eurocrypt (only with smartcard) and D2 MAC clear.
(Stefan Hagedorn)

INTELSAT 707, 1.0W
- Problems also for a lot of channels: signal by TV Pluss Norge, TV Norge,
NRK 1, Filmnet 1 and the brand-new NRK 2 testcard was unavailable for few
hours. On channel 11.667 Ghz v there is now another D2 MAC-testcard
(encrypted in eurocrypt). SuperSports (11.539 Ghz v) broadcasted until 10 pm
in D2 MAC clear. (Stefan Hagedorn)

AMOS-1, 4.0W
- Tamas Nyitrai in Hungary reports, "The test card on AMOS-1 which says
"AMOS-1" on the top and "97236134720" on the bottom (that is a phone number
actually) is being uplinked from Budapest by Hungary's Antenna Hungaria.
Also they will continously broadcast a short film about AMOS if the
Israelies will order it (presently no agreement reached)." This almost
confirms it will home a Hungarian channel soon.

TDRS 6, 47.0W
- TDRS 6 has been moved to 47 deg West and activated for C-band commercial
transmissions. (Jean-Philippe Donnio)

TDRS 1, 49.0W
- TDRS 1 has reached it's 49 deg West slot. (Jean-Philippe Donnio)

INTELSAT 709, 57.0W
- Intelsat 709 was launched on 15 Jun 1996 by Ariane 4. This Space
Systems/Loral bird is currently testing at 57 deg West in both C- and
Ku-band. It will take over the job of Intelsat 515 at 18 deg West. During
this month a few changes occured in the Intelsat fleet. (Jean-Philippe Donnio)

GALAXY 9, 123.0W
- Galaxy 9 launched on 23rd May is now operational at 123 deg West. The old
Telstar 303 was moved to 121 deg West. (Jean-Philippe Donnio)

Thanks to:
Tamas Nyitrai, Hungary, defiant@mail.datanet.hu
Stefan Hagedorn, Germany, dxstefan@aol.com
Jean-Philippe Donnio, France, jpdonnio@tags1.dn.net

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