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TELE-satellit News, 7 July 1996

Transponder News

ASTRA - TV3, TV1000 Close Now August 1st
E2F1 - BHT TV Back
AMOS1 - TV2 Plans Service?
I603 - New Home For MED-TV
I603 - Muslim TV Announces New Channel

TELECOM 2C, 3.0E - Feeds for France 2, 12.522 Ghz v; Feeds for RTL-TVI on
12.692 Ghz v, and finally 12.648 Ghz v and 12.586 Ghz h for many broadcasters.
TELECOM 2B, 5.0W - 12.668 Ghz h with reports for US broadcasters
HISPASAT 1 A+B, 30.0W - Feeds for TVE Espana on 12.673 Ghz v.

PANAMSAT 4, 68,5
-- The NHK Tokyo feeds, 12.602 GHz, v, that are now sometimes encrypted are
being sent in Nokia's line-shuffling-system.

-- RTL Swiss feeds cease on Sunday in favor of an MPEG transmission. The new
user of the channel, 11.550 GHz, v, is currently unknown.

-- The sound for Klassik-Radio (sub-carriers 7.38/7.56 MHz) on Premiere,
12.592 Ghz v is now again perfect, the problem is no longer there. Both
channels will cease on September30. (Stefan Hagedorn)

ASTRA 1A-1F, 19.2E
-- NDR will start on the N3 transponder the radio-stations NDR 1, NDR 2, NDR
3, NDR 4 and N-Joy Radio in the ADR-system. Date: August1. N3 audio is
ceased on sub-carrier 6.60 MHz, you can now listen a audio-tape about the
new "radio-stations". TV-sound you find on transponder 11.581 Ghz h in
stereo only: 7.02/7.20 MHz NDR 1 will offer a mix-programm by local studios
in Germany (Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Niedersachsen and
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). (Stefan Hagedorn)
-- Some few years ago it was a constant question wether TV Norge ought to
transmit on Astra, and at that time we were informed that this possibility
was not on the agenda. This was before the time when the TV-companies
started to consider digital broadcasting. Meanwhile it is possible to
"squeeze" a high number of TV-channels into one transponder, so that the
satellite costs are being reduced. TV Norge is now available on Astra and
can be found in Notholds (Filmnet) MPEG-2 package. Also the Swedish Kanal 5
is placed here, soon the Finnish PTV[4] is due to follow. Nethold is likely
to start the marketing of its MPEG-2 package in the course of the summer,
incl. suitable digital receivers. (Bernd Trutenau)
-- As it is widely known, the parallel transmission of TV3 and TV1000 on
Astra is going to end this summer. Now the dates for the closure has been
changed once again. Kinnevik/MTG has realized that the originally planned
July 1st was a bad choice. For the first because of the summer holidays, for
the second because cable-companies and dish-owners hardly would manage to
upgrade their equipment in time. Therefore TV3 and TV1000 decided to
postpone the closure date for the Astra transmissions from July 1st to
August 1st. Viasat has informed its pay-TV customers and the dealers in
detail about the change in a PR campaign in June. (Bernd Trutenau)

-- VIVA ZWEI teletext had started only for few days. According to Holger
Zeissler, it's only a presentation to the "Kom"-mess in Cologne 1996.
Regular text broadcasts will be starting in 1997. (Stefan Hagedorn)
-- English entertaiment-programm BBC Prime will start soon in MPEG 2 on the
BBC World-transponder 11.620 Ghz v. On INTELSAT 601, 27,5 degrees W you will
find a parallel broadcast in analogue (D2 MAC encrypted). Digital
transmission via EUTELSAT is for the cable-operators in the UK according to
the report although TS-News notes BBC Prime is not licensed for the UK.
(Stefan Hagedorn)
-- Justin in the UK emailed in reply to speculation about the video quality
on BBC World, "I think the reason BBC Prime has gone all mushy is that they
have started using a digital carrier on top of their 27 Mhz video signal.
This uses 5 Mhz of the total 36 Mhz of the BBC Transponder and is carrying a
4 Mbit feed of BBC Prime. Services of up to 5 Mbits tend to result in what
BT and Eutelsat refer to as a "neglibible loss of 1 db" according to some
tests that they did ages ago. A similar thing will happen to EBN once they
add a digital carrier to their signal!"

-- You can now see BHT Bosnia-Herzegovina between 9 pm and 11.45 pm on
former MED-TV channel 11.576 Ghz v daily. Porn-channel SCT now begins at
11.45pm, formerly midnight. (Stefan Hagedorn)
-- A testcard on the other half of TGRT, 11.063 Ghz v, displaying "TGRT" was
back after few months, it's a feed for TGRT. (Stefan Hagedorn)

AMOS 1, 4.0W
-- Tamas Nyitrai in Hungary emailed, "According my sources/logical
speculations the AMOS-1 will be a home to Hungary's TV2 for a year at least
starting at 1st January 1997. This is due to changes in the media law, since
TV2's original terrestrial frequencies will be privatised and therefore TV2
will now be transmitted via satellite. Now, CERES (the Hunarian satellite
due to lift off in 1998) will broadcast both Hungarian national channels,
but we have a big 1 year gap here. So one logical solution is to get TV2 up
and running on AMOS-1 for a year and then move it to CERES in 1998, since
both satellites will operate in the same orbital position. Also, Antenna
Hungaria (who is the part owner of CERES) will now begin test transmissions
on AMOS-1. This also suggest that something will happen here, but that
certainly do not exclude the possibility of another channel starting in this
"eastern region"."
-- Tony Knors in Antwerp, Belgium, emailed, "I receive AMOS 1 on 4.0 W with
an 85 cm dish with a rather weak signal. For comparison : I receive THOR on
0,8 W verry well

-- EuroSport is broadcast a different programm for this satellite. Tonight
on frequency 12.732 Ghz v (encrypted in syster) I found live-tennis from
Wimbledon - on ASTRA and EUTELSAT it was broadcasted a tape about
motorsports. It's very strange, but most you can seen the same programm on
all transponders by the pan-european programm.

INTELSAT 603, 34,5W
-- Robin Clark in the UK says, "I've had an email 5 minutes ago from the
engineer at Med tv who says they will be broadcasting in the future from
Intelsat 34.5West at 10.972Ghz and 660/720 Audio Vertical polarized. Turkish
attempts to kill the channel perhaps have failed...."
-- Muslim TV MTA was offered follow announcement in a insert today on 11.006
Ghz v: Ameer-ul-Mominem Kalifatul Masih IV will inaugurate the new global
beam transmission on sunday 07/07/96. Live on MTA between 15.00-18.00 London
time (4 pm. to 7 pm. CET) position 57 degrees E, Video frequency 4177.5 MHz
- audio  6,50 MHz - polarity left hand circular. Countries of Afrika Asia
Australia Middle East and Far East. Please note that we are transmitting now
the global beam of Intelsat 703  (new satellite!) at 57 degrees E, test
transmission will continue non stop along with our current service on
Intelsat 704 at 66 degrees E. Transmission on this satellite will stop from
mid-night friday July12. Please realing your antenna to the new satellite at
57 degrees E. Thanks for the report Jean Gerard Hemmer. (Stefan Hagedorn)

ORION 1, 37.5W
-- The Golf Channel was back tonight on 12.586 Ghz v. (Stefan Hagedorn)

-- Gerry Gedge in London has found action on this bird, "RTL Germany are
using 12.700 on the new PAS3R at 43W for German language feeds of the
Wimbledon tennis tournament. The signal is extremely clear in London on a
90cm dish."

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