>I had a 10' system installed in late Dec.  
>Suddenly in late March the system went crazy.  The picture would go off 
>and text would scroll across the screen.  Then the videopal would stop.
>Then the picture was fine then it started over again.
>Then the end came.  Nothing but blank screen every sat. and channel.
>After changing the cone feed and checking everything the dealer took the 
>receiver to his shop to test the unit.
>What he found suprised both of us.  My wife had placed a vase of flowers 
>on top of the unit.  There was a pinhole in the bottom of the vase and 
>el short developed.  Two spots of the main board shorted and the tuner 
>filled up with fluid.
>Moral of the story...  Check what is sitting on top of your receiver !!
>                  It could save you a lot of money !!
>Robert O. Forsha
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
drdish@tv - the first european satellite info channel

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