Re: TIERRA ABAJO/Tele-satellite 4/96

>Hey man...no sweat..we am now sorted with a new uplink dish here in the
>wonderful country of Tierra Abajo.
>No more of that Honk Kong stuff for us.The astounding Aviator Spiritus (that
>am me!)has struck a deal with the Soviet peoples an they have supplied us
>wit one of them mobile thingies! Real hardware , straight from the Russian 
>It am crammed with little dials an all sorts.They even delivered it for us,
>to our thriving city by the sea ,Portus Spiritus,and those nice Russian Navy
>chappies came dressed up in space suits to mark the occasion.They said the
>suits stopped them contaminating the excellent workmanship of the dish!
>It am having an amazing signal meter,to show us how our signal is doing..I
>think they am calling it a Geiger counter?...Now I am knowing,with my
>splendid degree from the University of Tierra that  satellites transmit in
>GEIGA-HERTZ ..so this is top hole stuff matey!It must be.... as the Geiga
>thingie am ticking away madly..all the time....sometimes it am going off the
>You must be knowing how proud I am of my satellite station.Before the
>terrible calamity I would have the uplink station floodlit at night for all
>to see...Now,this damn dish am so good...it even glows in the dark!
>The awesome Aviator Spiritus(that am me again) has also negotiated ,single
>handed,cos I was strangling my pet Boa Constrictor Boris with the other hand
>at the time...wot you call the transponder time on a Russian Satellite,and
>even though the bird am bobbing up and down all the time  they let me have
>it at no extra cost,...that am wot we professionals call them satellites yer
>Now..you know I am not one to blow my own Tuba..but I am reckoning I have
>done some petty good dealings with them soviets.OK there am some little
>problems when the picture disappears at certain times each day,but  Yuri,he
>tell me that it is cos  the wonderful country of Abajo is in one of its
>hottest months,and the sun am affecting our signal.No problem man,thats cool
>cos no one am seeing the pictures any way yet apart from me cos they dont
>know where to point their dishes!
>You tell that Christian fella watch out,cos soon as I am getting  time the
>great Aviator Spiritus Abajo will be launching "Witch Doctor Dish TV" to
>give the rest of the world the benifit of my astounding knowledge on this
>subject of the Satellite!
>Ministry of Inclination & Desinformation, Tierra Abajo
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
drdish@tv - the first european satellite info channel

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