Tierra Abajo

>I have had an email from a certain A.V.Abajo...he had logged on to my
>Homepage after watching Dr Dish TV whilst visiting "friends" in southern
>Germany.He is not happy about my report concerning FSW-1.It seems the
>splashdown in the Atlantic was a cover up by NORAD...they hadnt really a
>clue where it came down,but Abajo has....it slapped down right on top of his
>new digital uplink station just outside Tierra Abajo's capitol...wiping out
>the new dish,and his stock pile of ex Australian digital receivers.He's not
>too worried about the rcvrs,because they were bursting into flames anway
>after 30 minutes..(it took 25 minutes to lock up the first picture!)...but
>what really did  p*** him off was the fact that after spending 5 hours in a
>smoking crater,risking life and limb..well not his,but the limbs of the
>uplink station survivors,who were too dazed anyway to know what was going
>on...they found the precious medallion,still in tact,only to find an
>inscription on the back which read...
>Even worse,when he had the photos developed,which were found in tact ,in a
>cannister embedded in a goats head, they showed the new satellite
>broadcasting centre situated in the neighbouring state of Grand Chaco which
>on close inspection revealed that the very same inscription was emblazoned
>on their three 4.5 mtre uplink dishes!!! The goat survived,but was later run
>over by a 1957 Chevrolet driven by the Tierra Telegraphs lead (and only)
>photographer , rushing to the scene to catch a glimpse of the Gracious
>Leader Aviator Spiritus comforting the locals!
>He finished off by saying " Why the hell am you English fella speaking on de
>German TV like dat?They dont understand a word you am saying!Now,..when I am
>getting my new uplink site builded,using the insurance money from them
>Lloyds gents,you can do a News Show for me,cos all my subjects am speaking
>the Queenies English like wot I do...never mind them continentals...they  am
>all foreign!"

J.L., Leader of the shadow cabinet of T.A. (The Editor)
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