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Hi Andreas,
Thanks for your e-mail in which you say:

>Questions: Hallo TSI,
>da ich im Moment fuer 1 Jahr im Auslandsstudium in Wales bin,
>wollte ich mal fragen, ob die TSI auch im UK frei erhaeltlich
>ist, oder nur ueber Abonnement.
>Bisher konnte ich hier nur What Satellite ? ausfindig machen,
>was aber nicht so ganz meinem Geschmack entspricht.
>Es waere nett von Euch, wenn Ihr mir bald antworten koenntet.

We say:

Lucky man, having the opportunity to study in the "Land of Song." I must
admit, however, that one year is hardly enough to learn the language -
Welsh is a hard code to crack. Still, TELE-satellite will help you keep in
touch with the home country, good old ZDF and even Bayern 1, though
personally I find Bayerisch even more difficult than Welsh. We do
distribute via newsagents in UK, but coverage is still a bit patchy, so I
would recommend you subscribe via Chris Williams, our subscriber manageress
in UK. You can subscribe via e-mail for 6, 12 or 24 months. Chris can be
reached on chris@satcodx.com -so good hunting and
Best regards,
Mervyn Iles 

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