Hi John,
You wrote:
>Questions: I have read some information regarding the PC-CASH-CARD 
>and was wondering if it would work in Australia. The company
>that supplies the programming is called Galaxy and the 
>decoder box is made by Pace. It is a smart card based system.
>If it is possible to use your product, would it be easy?
>The information I have supplied is fairly broad. If you 
>require additional information, please e-mail me ASAP so
>I may supply what you require.
We say:
Sorry John, I fear your qustion has landed on the wrong desk. We are not
the suppliers of the said PC-CASH-CARD, but the publishers of a bi-monthly,
special interest satellite reception magazine called TELE-satellite
International. However we do have our own technical specialist, the one and
only, so-called Dr Dish, who enjoys the challenge of answering questions
that the average man doesn't even understand. He may be contacted on
drdish@sat-net.com. May I ask you, please, to redirect your question to
him. Incidentally, if you would like to subscribe to T-S,  you should
contact Chris Williams on chris@satcodx.com. Judging by your question, you
would find our magazine to be a mine of useful information.
Best regards,
Merve Iles  

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