Russian TV in the US

Hi Sam,
You ask:
>I live in Georgia, USA, and my girlfriend Olga is Russian from Riga,
>Latvia.  Is it possible for us to receive any Russian language
>television here in USA.  I understand I would probably have to buy a
>European type satellite receiver and television.  But, is there any
>signal we can receive if we have the equipment.  Or is there any Russian
>language television being broadcast to North America.
>Your advice would be greatly appreciated.
We say:
Your e-mail was passed to me by Alex for a reply. Strictly speaking, our
technical wiz, Dr. Dish on drdish@drdish.com would be in a better position
to help. However, on checking our world-wide frequency listings in the
March/April '97 edition of our TELE-satellite International Magazine, I
note that at 123 degrees W there is a program WMNB - Russian TV. Satellite
name is SBS-5. Transponder 12, Downlink frequency 11898, polarisation
Vertical, audio sub-carrier 5.4, video NTSC(inverted). However, this data
is now a few months old, so it would be advisable to check with the Sat
operator for definitive information. This would be Comsat Corp., 6560 Rock
Spring Drive, Bethesda.MD20817 or on the web: http://comsat.com. Moreover,
providers, programs and satellites are changing daily, so you need to watch
the global listings regularly for the latest news.
Good hunting,
Best regards,
Merve Iles  

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