Nova, JTS & Paris Mode

Hi  Rogelio,
thanks a bundle for your e-mail wherein you say:

"Hello iam a student from Spain, i hope you can help me :)
Iam looking for information about a programs of Canal satellite
This programs are:
Paris mode.
Please all information than can you give me it will be very useful to me
This information is for my class of Image and Sound in the University
Carlos III
well i hope see you again soon
Have a nice day
Best regards
Rogelio Rincon Rodriguez"

We say;
Not being an "Anorak" or "Sat-nerd" I am afraid the information you
requested does not immediately leap to my mind. However I decided to take
my own regular advice and check out the pages of the TELE-satellite
magazine global satellite listing for July/August 1997. I counted 36 pages
of closely printed type. (Approx 100 programmes per page). With my pocket
calculator I quickly worked out that we are listing some 3,600 progs each
issue. The list, of course is changing daily. (I subsequently read the
introduction to the list and confirm there are a total of 4,768 analog and
digital radio and tv programmes, Wow!). Undeterred I decided to thumb
through said listings in search of the particular programmes you seek.
After half an hour, "Eureka" I found Radio Nova on Astra 1F, Ch 86, 12,129
V, Digital Canal Satellite Numeriq. etc. etc. Now, I do like to be helpful,
but it is Sunday morning, the sun is shining, the Beer Gardens here in
Munich are open and I am thirsty. So, Rogelio, please forgive me if I give
up the hunt and ask you to check out said listings for the other pearls of
wisdom that you seek. Good Luck!
With Very Best Wishes,
Merve Iles
(If there is anyone out there who can enlighten Rogelio please post a
meesage to this address)

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