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Hi Doron,
thanks for your question.
You ask:
>Questions: my name is doron shimoni
>i would like to know the list the name of channel of hot-bird 3 
>will be on 13 e
>are meny transpoder will be on wide-beam and super-beam ?
>are meny channel will be on hot-bird 3 on analog and mpeg-2 ?
>thank you
>doron shimoni
We say:
Check out pages 106-109 of the July-Aug '97 issue of TELE-satellite which
lists everything there is at 13 degrees East in our global satellite chart.
Hotbird 3 was launched on 15th July by Ariane and programming will be
listed in future editions of TELE-satellite, meanwhile you will find
up-to-date info. on our web-site on http://www.TELE-satellite.com. For
technical questions send your e-mail to drdish@sat-net.com/drdish/
I hope this will be of assistance.

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Merve Iles,
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