Missing Issue 6/7

Hi Eric,
First let me thank you for your e-mail, in which you say:

I live in Reunion Island and I've had suscribe on telesatellite.But
today I don't receive the last magazine(6/7).Can you confirm me that my
suscribe have been really receive and there's not a problem with the
paymment.( I pay it by email with my credit card and I receive the two
precedents telesatellite magazine)

excuse me for my english because I'm french.
From eric@guetali.fr

We say:

Sorry you appear to have missed an issue of TELE-satellite International.
We try strenuously to keep our subscribers happy. You are after all our
"Life-blood." I am sending a copy of this e-mail to Chris Williams
(chri@satcodx.com), who takes care of all overseas subscribers. She will
search her records and get straight back to you. Of course we do not have
so many subscribers in Reunion, but it would help our search enormously if
you could provide your surname as well.
Perhaps it is appropriate to clear up a common misunderstanding here as
this reply will also be posted to our Customer Services Bulletin Board.

Since late last year we have been publishing TELE-satellite International
bi-monthly. Issues are normally numbered 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 etc. However we had
complaints from our more remote distributors that they were receiving their
copies late. E.g. issue 1/2 was arriving in the first or second week of
January, and that they felt they were somehow losing sales. As an attempt
to prolong the shelf-life of the magazine, at least notionally, we numbered
5/6 as 5/6/7. Not unnaturally this confused our European distributors who
received issue 5/6/7, followed soon by issue 8/9. I.e It looked as they had
missed a copy. In fact it was purely a numbering adjustment to satisfy
remote markets. Don't worry, all subscribers will receive their 6 copies
per annum, albeit some one month early and some "on time," depending on
where they live. This is a penalty we have had to pay for our increasing
success as a world class publication.

It may be, therefore, Eric, that you have also fallen victim to the new
system, as you are requesting issue 6/7, which, in fact, does not exist. I
am sure you will find this explanation "as clear as mud,"as indeed I do,
and my mother tongue is English. I can only say that I am grateful that I
don't have to provide the above explanation in French, and, indeed your
e-mail in English was much clearer than my response. In any event, keep
subscribing, and keep writing-in, it keeps me busy and out of trouble,


Merve Iles

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