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Hi Stephan,

you ask:

>Questions: Internet over Sat!?? Not Telephon, Not Cable-TV (my).
>When is it possibile? Is it planed? Many Thanks: Stephan

We say:

Many thanks for your e-mail. I can tell you haven't been reading your
TELE-satellite Magazine regularly. Tut, tut. Check out the article in the
May/June '97 issue, pages 108/109, entitled "Net On Air," which describes a
new system/service provided by Net Channel One in co-operation with
Deutsche Welle TV to private customers for transmitting selected WWW pages
via EUTELSAT 13 degs E. Though not a full Internet service, it does offer
the family limited access to the web. This is not the first article we have
published on this dynamic hot subject and, for sure, it will not be the
last. Our aim is to keep our readers informed of all ground-breaking
developments on the SAT front, to which end, we now have an extensive
coverage of the SAT/Digital scene in every issue. So at the risk of boring
you with repetition, if you don't want to miss such information, place a
regular order with your newsagent or, better still, you can ensure a
regular supply by subscribing through chris@satcodx.com. If you have missed
an issue, you may be lucky and be able to pick up a back-copy from Chris,
though her stocks are strictly limited.
Hope this helps a little,
Best regards,
Merve Iles.
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