Eutelsat 13 deg. E

Hi Sasha,
You ask:
>Questions: We need a frequency plan of the Hot-Bird 13 degres East
>Evtelsat satellite. We need the frequency plan, polarisation
>and E/S saturation EIRP of 11/14 Ghz  range .

We say:
Thanks a million for your e-mail, its great to hear that our fame has
spread to your "neck of the woods." As to your question, you will probably
find the information you need on our web site at
http://www.TELE-satellite.com , where we offer a mine of useful
information. You will also find an on-line form for subscribing to our
bi-monthly magazine which is jam-packed with information about the
SAT-scene and which complements our net-site perfectly. Articles can be
found in English, German and, yes, even Russian. So why don't you check it
out and see what you are missing? Chris Williams handles all our overseas
subscriptions and she may be reached on chris@satcodx.com
By the way, do your friends a favour and tell them about us - they will be
eternally greatful,
Best regards,
Merve Iles,
Customer Services

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