TELE-satellite in Austria

Hi Stefan

You wrote:
>From: Stefan, Tirol, Austria.>
>In Austria especially Tirol nobody knows how to get your journal 
>Tele-Satellite because there were some changes in distribution.
>I hope you can help me.
>Thank you!

We say;

Thanks for the e-mail, and yes, you are right. Our efforts to improve our
services to our customers in Austria has unfortunately led to a temporary
shortage of TSI in your country. We are strenuously trying to rectify this
situation, but meanwhile, to secure your regular supply we recommend you
take out a subscription via our Central European subscription service. Just
send off your request to Susanne Pillich at Teleabo@aol.com   . Prices: 6,
12 & 24 months, 375, 630 & 1200 Austrian Schillings respectively.  As they
say on TV, "Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible."
Best regards,
Merve Iles 

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