Issue 5/6 Tele-satellite

Hi Juegen,

You asked:
>Questions: Hallo 
>Koennte mir bitte jemand eine Auskunft geben ,wann es 
>die naechste Ausgabe der Tele Satellit 5-6 zu kaufen gibt.?
>Besten Dank   Juergen

We say:
Issue 5/6 hit the streets around 2-3 May and was sent to subscribers
somewhat earlier so you should have received your copy some time ago. I
assume you are not a subscriber, so I am unable to offer more information
other than to ask you to let me know if you still have trouble and I will
look into it. Perhaps your local kiosk has already sold out. Not uncommon
these days thanks to the increased popularity of T-S. How about securing
your copy by subscribing, its cheaper and more reliable?
Best regards,
Merve Iles,
Customer Services. 

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