Copy of: Intelsat, 1 deg W, Round 2

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From:   Mervyn G. Iles, 100663,1052
TO:     Customer Services File, INTERNET:ts-customer@tele-satellite.com
CC:     Luis, INTERNET:gabber@ctv.es
DATE:   09/05/97 18:28

RE:     Copy of: Intelsat, 1 deg W, Round 2

Hi Luis,

You Wrote:
oke , 
but wy don't you have all the frec.ghz on net.
sorry for you're time,

We Say.

We believe that we publish one of the best Sat magazines in the world, and
our comprehensive frequency listing is one of the items that makes it so.
We live from the sale of our magazine. If we published everything on the
Internet we would not need a magazine, and if we didn't have a magazine we
would be working for MacDonalds or something, so we would not be publishing
on the Internet or TELE-satellite or anything else. Mmmmmm, there's a
thought,  doesn't sound so bad. I know it doesn't help much, Luis, but I
guess you get the drift,
Best regards,
Merve Iles

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