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Subject: Re: Any future for 5 east??
From: Ray Woodward <ray.w@zen.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 10 November 1997 03:02 AM EST
Message-id: <u+07lKAT+rZ0EwX2@zen.co.uk>

In article <646chn$1ujq$1@news.inet.tele.dk>, Michael Mondrup
<box8489@post1.tele.dk> comments ...

>Does anyone know something about the future
>for 5 east (sirius, tele-x). Are the position to be closed
>when the satellites are burned out, or are there plans to
>place a new one.

Er, Sirius 2 (which will [amongst numerous other things] replace the now
*well* past its sell by date Tele-X satellite) is scheduled to launch

Around 21:48 GMT - coverage is (so I'm told) to be on Tel-X at 12.605

>I am asking because I dont know if I want to buy a extra lnb,
>or is it just a waste of money??

Given the 'Pan European' nature of Sirius 2 I wouldn't have thought it a
waste ...

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