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Subject: Re: I would need an advice about American Feeds on PANAMSAT
From: Geo <geo@planet-z.demon.co.uk>
Date: Sat, 08 November 1997 02:13 PM EST
Message-id: <tHc8wJA+mLZ0EwVL@planet-z.demon.co.uk>

In article <63ao1k$814$1@newsfeeds.grolier.fr>, The Shadow
<langero@club-internet.fr> writes
>Would anyone be able to give informations or ideas for getting
>American Channels by Satellite. Is Panamsat worth it?
>Are the feeds on Panamsat interesting?
>Which one are the best?  on the 43w or the 45w
>Pal transmissions or MPEG2 ?
>Thanks for any advice. That would be helpful especially because
>I am starting from scratch!
With reference to the analogue side of the story.

Check my website for a list of feeds that have been seen on the Panamsat
birds over the last coupel of months. There are no regular feeds (except
ITV F1 feed), and occasionally a news story with world wide interest.

Recently there have been a lot of NTSC feeds from USA, about the English
(NOT British - us Scots had nothing top do with it) nanny who is accused
of murdering the child.

I don't have a digital receiver so I cannot comment on the digital
Geo     www.planet-z.demon.co.uk

Home of European satellite news feed information.

Live news feeds, football and other sport. All for free.

Subject: Re: * PAL B/G , PAL I  question *
From: Jordi Puig <j.puig@mx2.redestb.es>
Date: Thu, 06 November 1997 06:47 PM EST
Message-id: <34625713.E920F32A@mx2.redestb.es>

Rene wrote:
> On Thu, 06 Nov 1997 12:51:12 -0500, John Doe
> <101374.1751@CompuServe.COM> wrote (may be only partially quoted):
> >
> >
> >I need to know urgently if the PAL B/G(western europe) and the
> >PAL I (England)  are compatible and if the SECAM B/G(middle
> >east) or SECAM D/K(eastern europe) and SECAM L(france) are
> >compatible.
> >
> >what happens if theyare not? lost of colour? black and white
> >image? no color at all?
> >
> >thanx for any info on the subject!
> PAL <-> Secam will play black & white.
> Suffix (B/G, I etc) describe audio carrier offsets, mismatch may
> cause distortion or absence of audio. Don't have the list handy, but
> B/G and I audio are not compatible without modification.
> << Best regards, Rene >>

Well, I'll explain it a little more:

PAL, SECAM and NTSC are the colour Standarts refered to a Video Signal.

When you tune with a satellite receiver, and you send the signal
to a TV by the SCART (PERITEL, AV,..), you'll get all satellite
Transmissions, as all of them use FM modulation, but you'll get
their colour depending on your TV set.
In worst cases, you'll have a Black/white picture.

But terrestrial transmissions are a bit complicated.

B/G , D/K , L , I , M , N , and many more, describe audio signal along
with their ENTIRE SIGNAL transmittion.
There are a lot of combinations,  PAL B/G, PAL D/K, PAL N,...
... SECAM L, SECAM B/G,....
NTSC Colour signals are only transmitted by the M mode.

I'll put an example and you'll understand what happens when you try
to tune one system with another TV-set.

B/G : Video modulation Negative
      Audio Subcarrier at 5.5 Mhz. in FM
      Entire Channel Bandwith : 7/8 Mhz. (B=VHF / G=UHF)

D/K : Video modulation Negative
      Audio Subcarrier at 6.5 Mhz. in FM
      Entire Channel Bandwith : 7/8 Mhz. (B=VHF / G=UHF)

I : Video modulation Negative
    Audio Subcarrier at 6 Mhz. in FM
    BW =8 Mhz.

L : Video modulation Positive
    Audio Subcarrier at 6.5 Mhz. in AM
    BW =8 Mhz.

M : Video modulation Negative (only for 525 lines, 60 Hz.)
    Audio Subcarrier at 4.5 Mhz. in FM
    BW =6 Mhz.

N : Video modulation Negative
    Audio Subcarrier at 4.5 Mhz. in FM
    BW =6 Mhz.

So if you have a PAL-I TV set, and you go to Continental Europe (PAL
you'll get picture, but you won't hear it... and viceversa.
(the colour signal is the same , but not the transmission standart)

SECAM B/G is identical to PAL B/G, except for the colour signal.
So if you tune to a SECAM B/G transmission with a PAL B/G TV,
or viceversa , you'll get sound, and picture without Colour.
(in this case, transmission standarts are the same, but not colour)

If you tune to a SECAM L transmission with a PAL B/G Tv and viceversa,
you'll get NO sound, and a un-sincronysed un-coloured Picture. 
(everything is different...)

If you want to know all countries TV systems, you can go to
one of my hidden Pages:


Hope this helps.


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