Sat-UK-News #215 16.03.98: Multi-Channel Changes

Sat-UK-News Report #215:
- Sky Multi-Channel changes
- Reception reports
monday 16th march 1998
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And now the news:

---------- Sky Multi-Channel changes
(sources: SATCO DX; NBC, TCC, Granada Sky Broadcasting)
 From April 4th, some noticeable changes will be effected in the Sky
Multi-Channel package. Firstly, and most obviously, TCC - The Children's
Channel, will completely cease transmissions. TCC has been near the
bottom of the ratings list for some time now and has been facing tough
competition from other children's broadcasters such as Nickelodeon and
the Cartoon Network. Its slot will be taken by CNBC's six-hour service,
which moves from the Bravo/Trouble transponder. The space left on *this*
transponder will be used by Trouble itself, which will have new
broadcasting hours from 7am to 8pm every day. Finally, Granada Good Life
will finally (thank goodness) get a name change. However, the new name
may leave you stunned - on April 4th the channel will become Granada

---------- Reception reports
 Hmph. The Sky test card started today in PAL on 11.992 H, which has up
until now been carrying a black test signal. It was on briefly when I
checked, but soon disappeared again. My reception was TERRIBLE, although
surprisingly stronger than my Eutelsat II-F2 reception, which I find
quite tolerable. Perhaps all is not lost. The trees can't be moved
though; perhaps I'll move the dish...
 I've just got from SATCO DX a list of companies and the transponders
they will be renting, although the list is rather preliminary, as it
does not include Turner Broadcasting, Viacom or the multi-plexed
transponders. Still, under the terms of the Sat-UK/SATCO DX information
exchange (fancy, eh?), you can now view these on the Astra 1D HTML chart
at Sat-UK-Web. Here's a couple of reception reports:

Malta, 1.2m dish, 0.7dB LNB, Emme Esse LT Receiver
Astra 1D on 11.992 H strong, although low threshold was necessary.
(Albert Zammit)

Charlbury (NW of Oxford), 80cm dish, Nokia Sat1800
Sky test card spotted on 11.989 H, no sound, very strong signal.
(Roger Harvey)

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