Sat-UK-News #216 17.03.98: BBC DIGITAL!!!

Sat-UK-News Report #216:
- BBC goes digital
- Reception reports
tuesday 17th march 1998
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And now the news:

---------- BBC goes digital
 Happy happy, joy joy. My dish seems to be just big enough...
 BBC Digital has begun broadcasting a test package on 11,798 H on Astra
1D. The package consists of six channels: BBC 1, BBC 2, BBC Choice, BBC
News 24, BBC 1 Northern Ireland and BBC Active (currently only
containing a test card displaying "BBC Widescreen"). Whilst BBC Active
seems to be in the clear, there is no picture from the other channels.
It could be that during this test phase the BBC has temporarily
encrypted these channels, or perhaps there is simply no picture
information being broadcast. A black test carrier has also begun on
11,720 H, so perhaps this is where the BBC's other digital transponder
will be located. There are no radio channels currently broadcasting. For
those who want the technical details, the symbol rate is currently
27491, but this will be probably soon be increased to the standard
27500. The forward error correction is 2/3, but this might be raised to
3/4. I can't determine the PIDs used.
 In the end, BBC should provide two transponders full of channels which
will be free-to-air; that means, ANY digital receiver should be able to
pick them up, including Sky's. Test reports are VERY welcome. For the
record, I can receive BBC Active, but the picture continuously breaks
up. I must move those conifers...

---------- Reception reports
Lincoln, 1.2m dish
10.730 V SR=27500 FEC=1/2  Eutelsat Promo
11.790 H SR=27500 FEC=3/4 Looped video of Betzdorf? castle
Reception is perfect.
(Ian Waller)
[Ian - yes it is Betzdorf castle]

Central Scotland, 1.2m dish, 0.7dB LNB
Both HB4 and A1D very strong in Scotland.

Malta, 2.4m dish, Echostar SR8700, Nokia 9200 digital
HB4 and A1D very strong, both digital and analogue.
(Ray Attard)

Northwood, 1m dish, Echostar LT8700
Excellent reception of both Eutelsat and Astra 1D.
(Peter Kaye)

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