Sat-UK-News #214 15.03.98: MCE in Sky, Reception Reports

Sat-UK-News Report #214:
- MCE to be included in Sky's packages
- B1 to go analogue?
- Reception reports from the outer regions
sunday 15th march 1998
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And now the news:

---------- MCE to be included in Sky's packages
 It has been confirmed that British Sky Broadcasting has purchased a
large stake in MCE, the European sector of the American radio company,
Music Choice. Music Choice Europe already broadcasts several channels in
the DF1, Canal Satéllite Numérique and Canal Digital packages, as well
as on several cable networks in various European companies. It offers up
to around thirty channels dedicated to pure music, without
advertisements or DJs. Every type of music is catered for, ranging from
heavy metal to opera, folk music to Turkish ballads.
 MCE reports that it will soon be made available in both Sky's Digital
package (BIB) as well as in its analogue package. Rumours (and ONLY
rumours) state that sround fifty to sixty channels will be provided for
Sky subscribers, seven of which will be free and unencrypted. These free
channels are said to be Hit List (a popular music channel), Classical
Favourites, New Country, Dance, Gold (classic popular music), Love Songs
and Generation Rock, and will use the free 7.74/7.92 MHz subcarriers on
various Sky transponders. Remember however, that this information is NOT
substantiated and is pure rumour/speculation, although from reliable

---------- B1 to go analogue?
 German fans will already know that all but one of Germany's regional
channels are available in analogue via Astra. These are MDR, WDR, SW3,
N3, ORB, Hessen FS and Bayern FS. The final channels, B1, which serves
the city of Berlin, is currently only available digitally via Astra.
However, B1 will soon be available in analogue, according to the new
superintendant at SFB, although it is not known which satellite (but it
will undoubtedly be Astra). Expect to see B1 at the end of this year or
perhaps in 1999.

---------- Reception reports from the outer regions
 HotBird 4 and Astra 1D are still under close scrutiny from many
satellite observers. Astra 1D has been displaying a strong black carrier
for some time now on 11,992 H. If you want to check your dish for this
satellite, best align it to this signal; Sky is supposed to start
digital tests tomorrow. Meanwhile, on the other end of the arc, Intelsat
806, which was launched at about the same time as HotBird 4, is
suppposed to be located at 40.5 degrees west, according to SATCO DX.
Tests should begin soon, so get yer reception reports in! Meanwhile,
back to the disputed zone...

Sunthorpe, 90m dish, 0.7dB LNB, Pace 508IP
HotBird 4 - no problems.

Malta, 1.2m dish, LT Emme Esse Receiver
12.303 V and 12.359 H strong without sparklies.
(Albert Zammit)

Kiev (Ukraine), 1.3m, 0.7dB LNB
Perfect signal from HB4; Very weak black signal from Astra 1D.
(Andrey Ichtchenko)

Edinburgh, 90cm, 0.7dB LNB, Pace PRD900+
HotBird 4: promo good with occ. sparklies, EuroSport lots of sparklies.
(Alastair Nimmo)

Charlbury (NW of Oxford), 80cm dish, Nokia Sat1800
Very strong reception on HB4 on both 12.303 V and 12.360 H!
"If you have poor reception, you must have something in the way I
(Roger Harvey)

I guess I do have something in the way. Still, they do plan to move it
do 13 degrees east... sometime.

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