Sat-UK-News #213 14.03.98: BSkyB Digital

Sat-UK-News Report #213:
- Satellite dispute troubles BSkyB digital launch
- Reception reports from 29 degrees east
saturday 14th march 1998
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And now the news:

---------- Satellite dispute troubles BSkyB digital launch
(source and copyright UK Satellite Control)             
 British Sky Broadcasting and its June digital launch could face another
problem: A dispute between two satellite companies that may hinder
start-up of the service. The Financial Times reported that Europe's
Eutelsat and SES were both set to begin broadcasts from adjacent orbits
in space, using the same frequency band. That could interfere with
BSkyB's digital channels, due to be uplinked to an Astra satellite owned
by SES, the paper said. BSkyB's planned 200-channel digital satellite TV
service has seen other delays, and was initially scheduled for launch
this spring.

---------- Reception reports from 29 degrees east
 Well, 29 and 28.2 to be even more precise. I personally can't seem to
improve my picture from HotBird 4. It must be the long long line of
trees in front of the dish. Still, it's moving soon, innit?

West London, 1.2m gregorian dish, Echostar LT-8700
Perfect picture on both 12.303 V and 12.360 H (HB4). Strength: 1890.
(Gustav Hamren-Larsson)

North Manchester, 1.2m dish, 0.7dB LNB
EuroSport and Fashion TV sparklie-free from HotBird 4.
Strong black carriers here and there.
(Neil Robinson)

Birmingham, 2.4m dish, Pace 508IP
Perfect clear pictures from HotBird 4.

Blackburn, 1m dish, Pace 508IP
EuroSport with no problems, fair amount of sparklies on 12.360 H.
(Lee Grooby)

Whistable (E. Kent), 1.2m offset dish, 0.8dB LNB, Echostar LT-8700
12.303 V and 12.359 H sparklie-free; 10.875 V strong black carrier.
(Keith Pankhurst)

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