Sat-UK #196 12.02.98: Tele Monte Carlo

Sat-UK Report #196:
- Télé Monte Carlo left Télécom 2B
thursday 12th february 1998
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And now the news:

---------- Télé Monte Carlo left Télécom 2B

TMC - Télé Monte Carlo, has finally left Télécom 2B. The channel had
been broadcasting here from some time in encrypted SECAM/nagravision.
There is currently a test card on the channel with tone on 5,80 MHz. Of
the radio channels, only Unico on 6,40 MHz remains. Europe 2 on
7,25:8,20 MHz has completely disappeared, whereas Press FM on 6,85 MHz
has been replaced by a tone. TMC is still available on Astra 1E in
digital as part of the CSN package.

********** INTERNAL

Just a reminder to ask all regular Sat-UK-Web and any other interested
people to check out the new web pages listed below. They are proposed
replacements for the current channel listings at Sat-UK-Web. Just to
explain the colour codings on the new charts: red background indicates
analogue transmission (PAL, SECAM, NTSC); green background indicates MAC
transmissions (B-MAC, D2-MAC) (not yet implemented); orange background
indicates digital transmissions (MPEG-1.5, MPEG-2, etc...). The old
language colour coding has also been retained, but only within the
language abbreviations. For example, the abbreviation for German (Ger)
appears in light green, the old colour code. Others are Eng (English) in
red, Fre (French) in blue, Spa (Spanish) in yellow, Dut/Fle
(Dutch/Flemish) in orange, Swe/Nor/Dan (Swedish/Norwegian/Danish) in
cyan, and Por/Ita (Portugues/Italian) in green. The old grey/white
colours for encrypted/clear have been kept. Comments are welcomed and
requested. Thanx.  Dom.

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