Sat-UK #197 13.02.98: Astra at 19.2 and 28.2

Sat-UK Report #197:
- Astra 1D to be moved; 1E channels now on 1G
- BSkyB Plans Sky Music Choice Audio Channels
friday 13th february 1998
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And now the news:

---------- Astra 1D to be moved; 1E channels now on 1G
(source: SES, SATCO DX)

 SES is now in the process of relocating Astra 1D at 28.2 east. In
order for the procedure to take place, all channels on Astra 1D must be
transferred to Astra 1E/1F/1G. The frequencies will remain the same.
Astra 1D will then be moved to 28.2 east, a journey which should last
three weeks. All the channels on vertical transponders have already
moved to Astra 1G, on the same frequencies. The horizontal ones should
move tonight. Presumably, the 1D channels will be moved over to Astra
1E. 1D is expected to start moving on February 16th and start
transmitting in mid-March. Reserved transponders on 1D at 28.2 east
include 14 for BSkyB, 2 for the BBC, 2 for Flextech, 1 for Discovery, 1
for UK TV, 1 for Viacom and 0.5 for Turner TV. 2.5 transponders will be
used for TV/radio multiplexing feeds. Astra 2A has a new launch date in
May with the Proton launcher. 2B will now be launched with an Ariane
 The charts have been updated in that the Astra 1E listings have been
renamed 'Astra 1E Frequencies': whilst the frequencies for Astra 1E
remain the same, it is not 1E which is transmitting. Regarding the new
charts, I have received a number of replies and the general concensus is
in favour of the changes. However, I would gladly accept more comments
on this.

---------- BSkyB Plans Sky Music Choice Audio Channels
(source: Ray Woodward, newsgroups)

 BSkyB has announced that it has acquired a 49% stake in Music Choice
Europe with a view to providing music audio channels across its digital
platform. Sky Music Choice will offer subscribers as many as 60 channels
of music, 24 hours a day. The channels will contain neither DJs nor
commercials as is Music Choice Europe's current broadcasting policy.
There will be a number of themed channels covering rock, pop, classical
and other genres; seven of these will be available to existing analogue
subscribers from April, while a further 50 channels will be available as
part of Sky's digital service launching in June.
 Sky Music Choice is a joint venture between BSkyB and Music Choice
Europe which is also partly owned by Warner Music Group and Sony
Corporation. Programme content will be managed by Music Choice Europe,
with BSkyB playing an 'active role' in sales and marketing. Chief
executive of BSkyB, Mark Booth describes the launch of Sky Music
Choice as "a quantum leap in consumer choice" which is indicative of
"the imminent revolution in UK broadcasting."

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