Sat-UK #195 07.08.98 - Telia Sweden

Sat-UK Report #195:
- Telia Sweden on Sirius 2
saturday 7th february 1998
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Well, it's the weekend, finally, and I can settle down and have a
well-earned rest. No updates tomorrow - it's my birthday. Hey, if I
can't have one day off every year..!

---------- Telia Sweden on Sirius 2

 Telia Sweden, one of the country's major cable companies, has started a
set of new digital packages on Sirius 2. The packages consist of the
regular channels which have been featuring on the Sirius 1, TV-Sat 2 and
Thor 1 satellites, including TV1000 Cinema, Nickelodeon, ZTV, CNBC and
many more. Telia Sweden has recently switched to the Viaccess
conditional access system, and has encrypted all but a few channels. A
set of PPV movie channels, called Bio (Swedish for cinema), have also
begun. They will probably perform a similar task to the French package
TPS' Multivision channels.
 Telia Sweden is Sweden's second digital package, after Canal Digital,
which started not long ago (the former MultiChoice). Canal Digital is
already having problems getting off the air due to a lack of the
necessary Conax CAMs. Telia should have more luck with Viaccess.
Unfortunately, the Telia package is on Sirius 2's Nordic beam, so it
will be difficult for most people to access it successfully. Almost all
of Sirius 2's Nordic beam is now in operation - there are only three
transponders yet to be filled. Conversely, the European beam is still
quite empty, with only RIK and the NSAB package using full capacity...

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