Sat-UK-Web - 07.08.98

Dear Sat-UK & Sat-UK-Tab Subscribers,

Time for another brief message on behalf of Sat-UK-Web! There are gonna
be a few changes in the near future which I would like to let you know
about, as well as a suggestion I want to put forward.


Firstly, I want to point out that Sat-UK has a new URL:
http://www.sat-uk.com/. All files are now easily accessible from this
site, which is exactly the same as the old one. It is still possible to
access the same updates from the old URL
(http://www.sat-net.com/sat-uk/), as it will continue to be until
whenever. The new URL is simply meant to make finding the site and
remembering it's address easier, as well as to save the long and tedious
links. In addition, people wishing to go straight to the satellite
listings need not use the old, complicated URL, but this new one:


For some time now, I have kept a message displayed on the title page of
Sat-UK-Web, stating that the site is best viewed in Arial, size 10. I
have now changed many pages on the website (excluding the listings pages
- see below) so that Arial, size 10 will automatically be used on all
computers which have the font (all IBM PCs). This is because the Arial
10 font saves a lot of space and allows more information to be shown on
the screen at once.


Also for some time now, the HTML charts at Sat-UK-Web have used a colour
coding system to indicate the language of the channel. Whilst this
provided a very colourful and bright chart, it sometimes became quite
confusing. Also, rather than display the full name of the language used
on the chart, abbreviations were used (D = German (Deutsch), GB =
English, NL = Dutch (Nederland)). This also became quite confusing, even
for me.
I thus want to put forward a new layout, with different schemes. This
will see the previous colour coding system replaced by a new one, not
for language, but for transmission standard. With this one, all analogue
transmissions would be coloured red, all MAC transmissions green, and
all digital transmissions orange. Also, replacing the language
abbreviations would be three letter contractions of the language in
English (eg, Germ = German, Dut = Dutch, Hun = Hungarian). Now because
this is a major change, I have not implemented it. Instead, I have
created a sample page for Astra 1A at
http://www.sat-uk.com/sats/astra1ax.html . I would be very grateful if
regular users of the charts could check this out and tell me what they
think. For me personally, this method is much improved, but of course,
you're the customers.

In the near future, watch out for more possible new services, including
the ability to download Sat-UK-Web to your own computer... Until then,
keep DXing!

Dominic Sedghi, Sat-UK
ICQ UIN: 6621372

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