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Sat-UK Report #181:
- TVS Danmark ceased on all frequencies
- Sat-UK-Club overwhelming response
friday 2nd january 1998
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And now the news:

---------- TVS Danmark ceased on all frequencies

As expected, TVS Danmark did cease transmissions on December 31st.
Instead of regular programming, a test card has been set up on all
frequencies announcing the closure of the channel. TV Sportkanalen
Danmark was forced to shut down to a low subscriber count which could
not sustain the channel. There is currently no known replacement for the
frequency on Thor 2.

---------- Sat-UK-Club overwhelming response

Thanks very much for the absolutely overwhelming response to
Sat-UK-Club. In just one day I think I've counted around thirty-five
subscribers to the list - that's a hell of a lot for a list of this
kind! Just to make clearer how to subscribe (some people seemed to be
having problems): send your mail to sat-uk-club-request@tags1.dn.net
with the word SUBSCRIBE in the message body. If you do make a mistake,
don't worry. I'll try and subscribe you anyway or let you know.

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