Dear Sat-UK and Sat-UK-Tab subscribers,

I would first of all like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. May
this one be even better than the last.

As regards satellite TV and radio, 1997 was quite a good year! We saw
the launch of three major new satellites - HotBird 3, Sirius 2 and Astra
1G - as well as the start of many important new channels. There was also
the crisis regarding Intelsat 605 which forced many Intelsat satellites
to be moved from one place to another in such a short period of time -
hopefully noone got too confused!

Sat-UK has evolved into a fully fledged information service now. It all
started with the Sat-UK mailing list, which launched on January 7th
(birthday messages quite welcome on Wednesday!). Since then, Sat-UK has
accumulated a staggering 780+ subscribers, putting it third on
TELE-Satellite's list of regional mailing lists... and the number of
subscribers is still rising steadily!
A little later, on the 28th of January, Sat-UK-Web was born, listing all
of the channels on some of the major European satellites, focusing on
Astra and Eutelsat. Now, Sat-UK-Web gives you listings for all of the
satellites easily viewable in the United Kingdom, right from Türksat 1C
at 42 east to PanAmSat 1 at 45 west. Since the launch, digital channels
and PIDs have been added, as well as useful extra information such as
teletext, broadcasting times and channel genres, making it easier than
ever to locate the channel you want. Unique colour coding systems allow
people to isolate the language of channel they want and to find out
whether it is encrypted or in the clear! Recently added was a headlines
service on the title page, and of course, the launche schedule page
remains a favourite. Up to now, the site has had an amazing 32300+ hits!
August saw the creation of Sat-UK-Tab, which now serves 160+ people with
daily text versions of the Sat-UK-Web frequency charts. Each day is
given a different theme or orbital 'region' - Tuesday, for example, is
Astra day, when listings for all of the Astra satellites are published.
The list even includes a text version of Sat-UK-Web's launch schedule.

To commemorate the new year, I would like to introduce and officially
open the fourth service to come from Sat-UK: Sat-UK-Club. This will be
an interactive mailing list - subscribers can actually post their own
messages to the list, which will then be sent to every subscriber on the
list. This way, interactive discussions and conversations can be
sustained, problems and questions answered, and rumours and news
confirmed or denied. Of course, plenty of you will have doubts...
Why not just use the newsgroups? The simple reasons is that for most
people it is a troublesome and annoying business. You need to get
on-line, then download the many messages, and usually it involves a
separate program or directory. With Sat-UK-Club, the messages come
straight to you - you don't go and find them. Sat-UK-Club is not meant
to be a replacement for the newsgroups, but rather a complement. Sat-UK
fully endorses and highly recommends the use of newsgroups, especially
the most active and useful ones, such as alt.satellite.tv.europe and
alt.satellite.tv.crypt. Sat-UK-Club merely represents an alternative for
busy people.
How will I know when a message arrives? Simple: the message will be
downloaded into your mailbox, and the subject will always be prefixed
with  [SAT-UK-CLUB]: . This way, you can easily know a Sat-UK-Club
message when it arrives. Throughout test stages, message times have been
measured. The average time it takes for a message to be sent out to
everyone on the list is 2 minutes! In just 2 minutes, everyone will see
you post and be able to respond.

So, having explained a bit about the list, I'll tell you how to
subscribe, should you be interested. To subscribe yourselves, all you
need to do it send an email to sat-uk-club-request@tags1.dn.net, with
the single word SUBSCRIBE in the message. You need not put a subject for
the message. You will then be mailed back almost immediately and asked
for confirmation. Simply return the authentification message which is
self-explanatory and you'll be added! If you have ay problems, you can
contact me at any of the addresses at the foot of this page and I'll put
you on.
To send a message, simply mail your post to sat-uk-club@tags1.dn.net. In
order to submit post, you must be on the mailing list. Furthermore, you
must send mail using the email account which you have put on the
subscriber list. For example, if the address you have submitted to the
list is john@smith.demon.co.uk, you must send mail from this address. If
oyu send from another address, the mail will be bounced.
There are some rules which must be followed to use Sat-UK-Club, but they
are very simple and most probably superfluous. They are stated in the
information file which you will receive upon subscribing to Sat-UK-Club,
and are there to keep the list flowing smoothly and properly.

Of course, if you need help at any time, or if you want to make any
comments, suggestions or criticisms, just mail me! I'll be glad to help

Cya around!


Dominic Sedghi, Sat-UK
ICQ UIN: 6621372

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