Sat-UK #182 06.01.98: ASTRA 1G - ASTRA 2A - ASTRA 1K

Sat-UK Report #182:
- Astra 1G now operational
- Astra 2A launch set back
- Astra 1K to be launched in 2000
- Reception reports on Intelsat 605
tuesday 6th january 1998
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And now the news:

Since we last met I have got my Nokia 9600S completely operational,
having fitted a new dish and a twin universal LNB. Only problem is that
my Echostar won't accept frequencies above 12,650 GHz now, so my Télécom
line-ups are incomplete. I aim to get the problem solved today...
Tomorrow is Sat-UK's first birthday. I'll be putting up a special
birthday section on the site - birthday messages are very welcome!

---------- Astra 1G now operational

Astra 1G has started to transmit packages at 19.2 east. The ARD Digital
packages on Astra 1E, 11,876 H has moved to Astra 1G on 11,722 H.
Similarly, ARD Digital on 12,421 H has moved to 12,604 H, and ZDF
Digital on 11,993 H has moved to 12,663 H. The former transponders on
Astra 1E/1F seem to be completely empty. The new transponders on Astra
1G appear to be amazingly strong indeed! If you want to send in
reception reports they are quite welcome - obviously with digital TV,
it's not possible to comment on spaklies, but reports from the signal
meters are welcome. My 9600S registers half-way between MEDIUM and GOOD!

---------- Astra 2A launch set back

Sky subscribers hoping for their 200+ channels of pure entertainment
will have to wait a couple more months. The Astra 2A satellites launch
has now been put back to March 30th. The satellite will still launch
with a Proton rocket.

---------- Astra 1K to be launched in 2000

Astra 1K will be launched in 2000 by an Ariane rocket to be positioned
at 19.2 east, where it will replace Astra 1A and 1B. Astra 1A is
nearing the end of its lifetime now, and Astra 1B could still be used
for several years as a feeds satellite. Astra 1K will have 46 Ku-Band
transponders(!) to compensate for the loss. Presumably some of these
will be digital, as analogue TV will have decreased in use considerably
by then.

---------- Reception reports on Intelsat 605

Some reception reports on Intelsat 605 from Gerald Tripp - thanx! I
shall still gladly welcome reception reports for this satellites, as
well as Astra 1G!

60cm dish, 0.7dB LNB, Nokia 9600S
11,476 H: Canal+ & Hallmark - excellent, no problems even in heavy rain
11,661 V: Discovery & Het Weerkanal - ok, picture breaks up in rain
11,665 H: Carlton & Rapture Sat - Nothing at all!

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