Sat-UK #167 09.12.97: SCI-FI CHANNEL ON SIRIUS 2

Sat-UK Report #167:
- Sci-Fi Channel now on Sirius 2; Sirius 2 reception reports
tuesday 9th december 1997
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And now the news:

---------- Sci-Fi Channel now on Sirius 2; Sirius 2 reception reports

The Sci-Fi Channel has started broadcasting in D2-MAC on 12,322 V,
encrypted in eurocrypt m, as suggested yesterday. EBN is scheduled to
start on this transponder soon. Kanal 5 is now broadcasting full time on
12,476 V - or at least, it's been there every time I've looked! For
those with digital receivers, SVT Europa has a test card on 12,380 H on
the European beam - I'd love to hear some reception reports for this.
As for reception on Sirius 2, there seemed to me to be a peak yesterday
at around 23.00, when Kanal 5 and the Sci-Fi Channel were perfect - no
sparklies at all. Today it seems to be back to normal again. I am
reluctant to put this down to bad weather - although it has been raining
a bit here, it shouldn't have made such an impact. I presume that the
beam was for that short time on full power, and is currently a bit lower
again. For people with large dishes, say 1m and larger, this reduction
in power would probably have no effect. For those with 80cm dishes, it
will be noticeable. I have a 90cm dish half-hidden behind some trees, so
I'd estimate my reception as comparable with that of an 80-85cm dish.
Anyway, here's what some other people got:

near London
1m dish, 0.7dB LNB, EchoStar 5700: 'good' sparklie-free reception on
Kanal 5
(Youssouf Seedat)

1m dish, 0.9dB LNB, Pace MSS508IP: a few sparklies on the Sci-Fi Channel

1.2m dish, 0.7dB LNB, Pace MSS1008IP: crystal clear on Kanal 5 & SVT
(Dermot Nolan)
[well what do you expect with a 1.2m dish, Nolan? ;-) - ed.]

While we're talking reception reports, has anyone noticed a change in
the beam strength on PanAmSat 3R, specifically the NTSC test card on
12,700 H. Perhaps PanAmSat 6 is taking over? I hope you all don't mind
these chatty-like contributions to Sat-UK. They won't be here for long -
when Sat-UK-Club launches soon, this sort of thing will continue there.

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