Sat-UK #166 08.12.97: JAAM-E-JAM - SIRIUS 2

Sat-UK Report #166:
- Jaam-e-Jam TV Network starts on HotBird 3
- Sirius 2 tests are over; new channel
monday 8th december 1997
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And now the news:

--------- Jaam-e-Jam TV Network starts on HotBird 3

Free Iranian television channel, Jaam-e-Jam TV Network, has begun in
clear PAL on HotBird 3, 12,437 H. The channel appears to be a "best of
Iranian terrestrial TV" channel, and is operated by the national
broadcasters IRIB.

---------- Sirius 2 tests are over; new channel

Sirius 2 has now finished testing - seemed very quick to me! Wasn't it
just the other day that it was launched? As we all know, Kanal 5 has
been broadcasting on Sirius 2 for some time now on 11,476 V on the
Nordic beam, which I personally don't find very impressive. Using a 90cm
dish here in the Midlands, there are still plenty of sparklies. Kanal 5
is due to finish transmissions on Tele-X today, and will henceforth only
broadcast on Sirius 2 (and of course, Thor 2, but for how long noone
I have also spotted D2-MAC tests, or some D2-MAC channel on 12,322 V,
although I cannot get a good lock on it because the beam strength is so
poor. I hope it does not remain this bad. The transponder has been
reserved for the Scandinavian versions of the Sci-Fi Channel and EBN,
which will broadcast in D2-MAC. If anyone with a big dish can confirm
this for me, please do. I hate to be in the dark.
Hopefully this is not the full strength of Sirius 2's Nordic beam; I and
many others were expecting a much stronger signal, and had predicted a
90cm dish as the minimum. Having said that, it's quite rainy here in
Solihull, so perhaps that's partly the problem. I haven't yet seen any
channel tests on the European beam - only black cards. I have seen the
odd test on the central beam, but again it was very poor. And what's
more, whenever I tune into the central frequencies at five degrees east,
all I get is strong test cards from Télécom 2C two degrees further west.
Let me know if you have any similar problems and I'll put them on this
list for reference.

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