Sat-UK #153a 17.11.97: KANAL 5 UPDATE

*************** SAT-UK UPDATE *****************

Kanal 5 has been spotted on 12,207 V/L. I am not sure whether this
channel is being broadcast from Tele-X or from Sirius 2. I am inclined
to think Tele-X, although I cannot justify this. The Sirius 2
transponder which broadcasts on 12,207 V is/was supposedly on the Nordic
beam, which would make reception here VERY difficult indeed with a 90cm
dish - perhaps the frequencies on the chart for the Nordic and European
beams were mixed up? Otherwise, it could be transmitting from Tele-X on
12,207 L, a transponder available to that satellite. But why would they
change transponder on the same satellite? Perhaps to prepare for a
launch on Sirius 2, which hasn't started testing yet!

Whatever has happened, no doubt Christian Lyngemark and the SATCO DX
team will clear it up tonight. In the meantime, I have placed Kanal 5 on
12,207 L on Tele-X, as my facts show that that frequency from Sirius 2
cannot be received in the UK on such a small dish.

Any feedback welcome!

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