Sat-UK Report #154:
- ORB Fernsehen starts testing
- Sky Box Office to begin soon
- Zomer TV to be moved
thursday 20th november 1997
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And now the news:

---------- ORB Fernsehen starts testing

ORB Fernsehen (Ostdeutscher Rundfunk Brandenburg) has begun testing on
11,656 V. The transmissions appear to be regular, but carry the word
"Testbetrieb" [= test operation] at the top. The channel also has a
teletext service called ORBtext. The channels is due to start on
December 1st, as are four ADR radio stations on the same transponder.

---------- Sky Box Office to begin soon

Sky Box Office has started testing on the four designated transponders.
On 11,597 (tp 26), Sky Movies Gold has been replaced by tests for Sky
Box Office Screen 1. Sky Movies Gold has also disappeared on 10,877 V
(tp 60), which will be the future home of Sky Box Office Screen 2.
Screens 3 and 4 will started on 10,862 H (tp 59) and 10,847 V (tp 58)
respectively. As reported earlier, all four channels will begin on
December 1st. Subscribers are advised to ring 0990 800 888 for more
information. The channels will broadcast outside of regular channel

---------- Zomer TV to be moved

Dutch channel Zomer TV [= Summer Television] has ended on Astra 1D, due
to the tests by Sky Box Office Screen 4. Zomer TV will reappear soon on
HotBird 1, 11,283 V (tp 4) very soon, but under the new name
Wereldomroep TV [= World Broadcasting Television], and will continue to
broadcast for some time. Transponder 4 is currently occupied by Telepiú

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