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Report #S2


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And now the news:

Well, here's part 2 of the update report I promised. Sorry the reports
have been patchy in the last few days.
Two mistakes have been pointed out to me from the first part of the
update report -
Radio Vlaanderen NL should be Radio Vlaanderen International.
France Supervision left Telecom 2A, not 2B!!!

Ok, so here's some news I found yesterday:

-- Phoenix
A phoenix test card has appeared on Astra 1D 10.891H (tp61). Phoenix
will start regular transmissions from Monday 7th April.

-- Adult Channel
The Adult channel will leave Astra 1D 10.921H (tp63) on April 6th. It
will then only be available on tp11.
(source: SATCODX).

-- ABSat
ABSat's promotional has finished on HotBird 2 (11.761).

-- Telecom
MPEG-2 tests have ceased on Telecom 2D. Meanwhile, France Supervision's
old transponder (Telecom 2A tpR3) has been filled with a France Telecom
test card.

The news section of the website is now being updated. Unfortunately, it
will not be available until April 12th. As from then, a new news page
and format will be adopted to make viewing easier.

Again, I will not be able to send out updates again until April 11th. It
will repeat this Special Report procedure on the 11th and 12th to take
care of any changes while I'm away.

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