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Report #S3


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And now the news:

Well, having been away for six more days, I expected to find loads of
changes to the UK satellite scene. Boy was I wrong. What few changes
there were are below:

-- Phoenix
Phoenix officially started as stated on Monday on Astra 1D tp61.

-- Filmnet promo
The Filmnet promo on Astra 1A tp11 has lost the musical audio, and now
has a continuous tone.

-- Channel 5
Channel 5 have now OFFICIALLY announced that *sometime in the future*
they will take up an Astra transponder. They have been negotiating with
Astra for some time now.

OK. Should be back to normal now. The website is completely updated and
the mailing list will go ahead without any further hitches. Thanx to
several of you for pointing some problems out to me. I won't mention
name for the sake of confidentiality, but the following things have been
title page for Sat-UK Web;
hyperlinks on the web site in the Q&A area;
hyperlink to the web site on the mailing list reports.
Soon in the future I shall be reformatting Eutelsat II-F2, II-F3 and
II-F4 with the new chart style. Eutelsat II-F1, HB1 and HB2 will come
later. The Kopernikus satellite will not be reformatted ever, but will
probably be phased out of coverage instead (they will be out of use
soon, and the Astra 2 system will be replacing Kopernikus 2).

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