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Report #S1


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And now the news:

Well, I'm back - briefly. Unfortunately, I shall be away again until the
11th of April. Again, I can be reached at dominic@supernews.com .
Here's what gone on while I was away, in case you haven't already been

-- Filmnet
Filmnet CEC has ceased on Astra 1D tp63, as has Filmnet 1 on Astra 1A
tp11. Both transponders now show a Filmnet promotion in PAL/Videocrypt 2
during the day, and TAC - The Adult Channel is broadasting regularly
throughout the night. Radio Vlaanderen NL can also be found on both tps.

-- France Supervision
This channel has now ceased on Telecom 2B tpR3.

-- Pro7 Schweiz
Pro7 die Schweiz has left Astra 1D tp61.

-- TLC -> Discovery
As expected, TLC has changed its name to Discovery Home & Leisure.

-- No Channel 5
Well, unsurprisingly, Channel 5 UK has not appeared on Astra 1A. It has
commenced broadcasts in the UK on the UHF band. It has one extra thing
that the other four terrestrial channel don't have yet - a logo in the
top left hand corner!!!

All these updates have been taken courtesy of SATCODX Satellite Charts.
Thanx to Christian Lyngemark.

The has been a problem with the website for the past week or so. The Q&A
section was giving incorrect links. I hope this will have been fixed by
the time you receive this mail. The Q&A section, as stated earlier, is
being taken out.

I haven't had time to check my receiver yet after arriving home, but
when I have, I shall mail another report tomorrow morning with any
additional updates/changes.

All contents 1997 Dominic Sedghi. All rights reserved.

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