Sat-UK: Report #W10 - Week ending 30.3.97

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Report #W10


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And now the news:

No weekly update as such today - not much has been going on. Flicking
through the satellite magazines, I have noticed that digital receivers
in the UK are getting considerably cheaper. One retailer now supplies
D-boxes at only(?) 399! Maybe I'll invest in one...

The website has been updated in the following areas:
The launch page has been updated for all of the latest launches within
the standard UK spaceview. You can now get a lot more information on all
the new birds.
The channel dates page has also been updated - more channels, more
The index page has been changed too - the Q&A section has been removed,
to make space for more, newer facilities. I welcome feedback on what
kind of things you would like to see at Sat-UK Web.
The full channel listings are now available for Astra 1A-1F, Telecom 2A,
2B & 2D, Intelsat 707, Thor, TV-Sat 2, Sirius and Tele-X. The Eutelsat
satellites will get the new format as follows: 2F2, 2F3 and 2F4 when
replaced by the W-24 series; 2F1/HB1/HB2 when HB5 complete the orbital
line-up (looking way into the future).

Unfortunately I shall be away from March 31st to April 4th on business,
and will able unable to send out any reports, nor update the website. In
case of contact, you may reach me at my second email address:
dominic@supernews.com . The website will be updated again and a report
sent out on April 4th, but on the 5th I shall be leaving again, so
please forgive me if the next two weeks seem neglected.

There should be numerous changes going on in the next few days - several
channels around the world are scheduled to leave their respected
satellites (Filmnet 1, Supervision, Canal+ France, Cine Cinemas,
Galavision). Filmnet CEC announced they would be leaving Astra in March
- not long left for them... And, of course, TLC will be changing its
name to Discovery Home & Leisure, so don't expect to find it after April
1st. And maybe (just maybe) we'll see the launch of Channel 5 UK on

I shall not be made aware of any changes until April 4th. However, if
you would like to mail me with any satellite changes I would be most
grateful. Again, please direct any mail to the new address above.

I wish you all a happy Easter! Don't get sick with chocolate! :-).


Dominic Sedghi,
owner Sat-UK.

All contents 1997 Dominic Sedghi. All rights reserved.

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