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Report #W9


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And now the news:

---------- WEEKLY ROUND-UP
----- BBC/Flextech venture (18.3.97):
BBC and Flextech are to launch eight new channels to be broadcast via
satellite. It is not know which satellite or transmission standard they
will use yet. For a list of the channels, email me.

----- Sky PPV (22.3.97):
Sky are rumoured to initiate three PPV channels on the Astra
transponders 24, 44 and 57.

----- BBC Prime (22.3.97):
BBC Prime will go digital on both Intelsat 601 & 707. 601 will go
digital in October, 707 in the next few months.

----- CMT Europe (22.3.97):
CMT Europe will also go digital on Intelsat 601 on March 31st.

----- Sky Multi-Channels (22.3.97):
Bloomberg Info TV (the long rumoured British version) and Hallmark
Entertainment may FINALLY be joining the Sky-Multi Channels package.
Rumours have been circulating about this for a long time.

----- Telecom 2A (22.3.97):
As was confirmed about 2 months ago, France Supervision will leave
Telecom 2A at the end of March, with Canal+ and Cine Cinemas to leave
shortly afterwards.

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