Sat-UK: Report #21a - 22.3.97

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Report #21a


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And now the news:

---------- BBC PRIME
BBC Prime, one of the most pirated D2MAC channels, is set to end
analogue transmissions.
BBC Prime will cease in D2MAC on Intelsat 601 and go digital in October.
It will also cease transmissions on Intelsat 707 'within the next few
months'. Plans are to creat a new digital package at Eutelsat II F1,

---------- CMT EUROPE
CMT Europe is also planning on leaving Intelsat 601 via analogue on
March 31st. It will however remain digitally encrypted on this

Meanwhile, strong rumours point towards two new Sky Multi-Channels -
Bloomberg Info TV and Hallmark Entertainment (which currently supplies
programming for Nethold/Multichoice), are rumoured to join the Sky
Multi-Channels package. Hopefully this will not raise to current price
of the package.

---------- TELECOM 2A
And finally, for all those users with a D2MAC system and card watching
Canal+, Cine Cinemas and France Supervision from 8w, prepare to be
disappointed. France Supervision is set to leave at the end of
March, and the other two should follow shortly. The move comes now that
the three channels are broadcasting their widescreen programmes via
MPEG-2, with better quality and more options.

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