Sat-UK: Report #17 - 1.3.97

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Report #17


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And now the news:

---------- CANAL SUR?
Well, Canal Sur has not initiated on the set date (March 1st) on Astra
tp57. Perhaps it will be on later today, or later in the month.
Otherwise, WBTV could be back on track.

The Astra 1E/1F charts have been updated, with each transponder
displaying all of the different channels with their appropriate links.
Soon I shall begin integrating the Audio and Video Programme
Identification codes (PIDs).

By the way, Sat-UK's first month has been a hit. Since it started on
January 28th, the website has already had a respectable 1,423 hits, and
the mailing list subscriber total is currently approaching 200... Thanks
for all your support. Apologies for there not being a site update
yesterday - the server was down. Sorry if you couldn't get through - the
website is now operable again.

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