Sat-UK: Report #W7 - Week ending 2.3.97

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Report #W7


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---------- WEEKLY ROUND-UP
UK DTT (27.2.97):
The Latest channels list for the proposed UK Digital Terrestrial
Television packages is now available. Mail me if you would like this

Canal Sur (1.3.97):
Canal Sur never started on Astra 1D instead of the Promo on March 1st,
but HAS, however, left Hispasat 1A/B. It should probably start soon.

Website Changes (1.3.97):
The Sat-UK Website has been updated. All digital packages are now
available only through the main Astra 1E-F chart, but now display all
the channels, with logos, VPIDs and APIDs. Check 'em out.

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