Sat-UK: Report #16 - 27.2.97

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Report #16


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And now the news:

---------- UK DTT AGAIN
The UK Digital Terrestrial Television has come up again. I have no
managed to acquire some provisional listings for the two proposed
packages to launch in 1998. These channels are only heresay, but
indications are pretty positive:

(Sky, BBC, Granada, Carlton)

BBC Horizon (Kids'/Documentary)
BBC One TV (TV version of BBC Radio 1)
BBC Showcase/Style (BBC1/2)
Sky 1 (General Entertainment)
Public Eye (General Entertainment, including Sky News)
Granada Plus (General Entertainment)
Granada TV Shopping (Home Shopping)
Granada Good Life (Lifestyle)
Granada Sports Club (Sport)
Carlton Select (General Entertainment)
Carlton Entertainment (Light Entertainment/Lifestyle)
Sky Movies (Films)
Sky The Movie Channel (Films)
Sky Sports (Sports)

(Cabetel - Flextech and Turner)

The Money Channel (Business)
The Knowledge Network (Education)
British Sports Channel (Sports)
The ITN Living History Channel (News)
Animal Planet (Documentary)
The Box (Music)
Travel (Travel)
Digital Box Office (PPV)
Turner Classic Films (Films)
MGM Gold (Films)
Cartoon Network (Kids')
Metro TV (Local Manchester TV)
The Movie Experience (tba)

My my... what a choice!

---------- M2
It appears that M2, MTV's sister channel, may launch as part of Sky's
analogue Multi-Channels package. Both M2 and MTV UK will be launched in
the summer.

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