Sat-UK: Report #15 - 23.2.97

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Report #15


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And now the news:

---------- DSF LOGOTYPE
DSF (Deutsches Sportfernsehen), the free German sports channel, has
recently changed its logo. Nothing unusual in this. However, DFS's new
in-programme logotype has remarkable similarities to Sky Sports'
in-programme logotype:

1) It's situated in the top left corner
2) It's transparent with the word 'DSF' beneath
3) The score shown during matches is IDENTICAL to Sky Sports, from the
font, right down to the rounded bar the words are shown in.

So, what could this mean? Is DSF, a part of DF1' digital package,
moulding itself around Sky's image? Is Rupert Murdoch using his
influence in DF1 to bring it closer to Sky's look? Could we soon be
ending up with a GSkyB (although it would probably be called something
like Deutsche Sky Sendungen)? Mmmnn... bears thinking about...

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