Sat-UK: Report #W6 - Week ending 23.2.97

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Report #W6


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---------- WEEKLY ROUND-UP

General Future Updates on Astra (21.2.97):
TP11 - Filmnet 1 will leave and Channel 5 (UK) will begin on April 1st
TP44 - Galavision will leave and Phoenix will begin on April 1st 1997.
TP57 - The Astra Promo will leave and Cana Sur will begin on March 1st
TP40 - Cine Classics will leave and Hessen 3 will begin at the end of
TPS30, 32, 36 - The other CSD channels will also leave at the end of
1997. One of these tps will be used by ORB3.
Astra 2A/1F - BSkyB Digital will begin on Astra 2 in the Autumn, if all
goes well. Otherwise, it will take tps on Astra 1F.
All the latest forthcoming channel changes at

DSF Logotype Change (23.2.97):
The DFS logotype has changed, and the new in-programme logotype looks
startlingly similar to Sky Sports' format, right down to the scorebar to
the side...

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