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Report #14


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And now the news:

Just a note to all subscribers, detailing future channel changes on
Astra at 19.2e:

Transponder 11 (11.362H):
Filmnet will leave this transponder on March 31st to April 1st. Channel
5 (UK) will take over on this transponder from April 1st, one day after
beginning regular programming, in PAL (or PAL+). It will in all
certainty be scrambled somehow.

Transponder 44 (11.127V):
Galavisin will leave this transponder on April 1st to make way for the
new German documentary channel, Phoenix. Phoenix will almost definitely
broadcast unscrambled in PAL.

Transponder 57 (10.832H):
Astra will end their perpetually running promotional on March 1st to
allow Spanish general entertainment channel Canal Sur to take over. A
bit of doubt here, folks: will Canal Sur broadcast in clear PAL? If so,
will it not cease soon afterward, following the example of the other
Spanish channels (ie: CSD)? If not, it would be the ONLY Spanish PAL
channel on Astra, giving it a dodgy audience.

Updates even further into the future include the cession of all CSD
channels (Cine Classics, Cinemana, Documana, Sportmana and Minimax)
on Astra 1B and 1C - they will however, continue in digital on Astra 1E
and 1F. Two of these transponders will be used by German regional
channels Hessen 3 (tp40 - 11.068V) and ORB3 (frequency tba). The shaky
future of Astra 2 could also mean that Sky will seize various
transponders on Astra 1E and 1F too. And of course, there's still the
mystery of transponder 24.

For all the latest channel changes, get to the Sat-UK website at
http://www.sat-net.com/sat-uk/ . All the forthcoming channel changes are
listed in their own chart under "Channel Dates". Incidently, this chart
has recently been updated, and now displays the channels as on the Astra
charts. Oh, and since yesterday (February 20th), the Sat-UK Website
visitor count passed 1000! Great for the first month! Thanks for your

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