Sat-UK Subscribers Notice

Dear Sat-UK Subscribers,

I thank the most of you for supporting the Sat-UK Mailing List up to
this point. I look forward to your support in the future.

However, certain problems have arisen from some subscribers, not due to
bad intent, but more to carelessness. Some subscribers sign addresses up
for the mailing list, which often go faulty or don't collect the mail
which is regularly sent out...

Generally, if this happens once, I dismiss it as a one-off. If it
happens twice, I count it as coincidence. If it happens three times in a
row, I will delete the address from the mailing list - I cannot afford
to have faulty or wrong addresses on the list - it just slows things

So, basically what I'm getting to is this. If you have found that
sometimes the mail isn't getting to you, or you know that your address
is dodgy, please give me a more reliable address, or I will have to
delete you as well. I regret that this is happening, but there is not
much else I can do to remedy the situation.

As from now, should an address bounce or not accept mail once, I shall
email the person notifying them. If it happens twice, I shall again
notify them, requesting they check it out. If it happens a third time, I
shall notify them, informing them that they have been deleted from the
mailing list.

Again, I am sorry to have had to have troubled you with this.

Yours Sincerely,

Dominic Sedghi, Sat-UK

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