Sat-UK: Report #13 - 15.2.97

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Report #13


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And now the news:

The Astra Promotional on 1D transponder 57 has been replaced by a test
card. Does anybody know which channel will start broadcasting from here?

---------- SKY PPV
Rumour is that Sky will start broadcasting Pay-Per-View football in
March, starting with a Liverpool football match (?). It has also been
said that Sky will start their PPV movies by the end of '97, commencing
with Goldeneye. It is not known which transponder will be used for these
events. Perhaps Sky will continue their current strategy of cutting out
time from Sky Sports 2, or perhaps any other Sky Sports channel,
although it would probably be better to use a completely new transponder
(tp24 maybe?). It is doubtful they will use tp57, as most of Britain (or
at least, those with satellite dishes) cannot receive Astra 1D.

PS: Sorry about the delay in information over the past week. This is due
to a combination of the lack of information available and my busy

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