Sat-UK: Report #12a - 5.2.97

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Report #12a


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And now the news:

---------- TROUBLE
Seeing as this report *should have* been sent out yesterday (but for the
lax eyes of yours truly :-)), I have numbered it 12a and included it
with 12...
Yesterday, Trouble, a new teenagers' channel, started broadcasting on
Astra tp42, the same tp as Bravo. A lot of magazines and information
providers will have you believe that Trouble is simply part of Bravo's
programming. I prefer to call Trouble a different channel for various
It has its own logotype for during programmes.
It has its own website (http://www.trouble.co.uk).
It has its own teletext service.
Trouble broadcasts daily from 12pm to 8pm, and is scrambled in
Videocrypt 1 as part of Sky Multi-Channels.

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